About Me

Formally a Senior Consultant in a UK Government Department, I am now a London based Genealogy Consultant and a member of the Society of Genealogists.

Eileen Sargeant Yesterday Genealogy

I have undertaken genealogy research in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, although my main area of expertise is in all aspects of UK Genealogy.

My own genealogical journey started more than three decades ago with a chance find of a photograph. In the years since then I have continually expanded my abilities and knowledge, growing my genealogical expertise with personal research and study, along with a healthy dose of old-fashioned, hands-on genealogy research.

Over the years, my research has taken me to some strange and varied locations, even down a coal mine! It is these experiences - the good, the bad and sometimes ugly - that have resulted in the expertise I now have. And it is this expertise that I am offering you.

My original quest into my own family history gave me a great feeling of accomplishment, huge respect for my ancestors, and a feeling of belonging to, and having my own place in history. My goal is to help others achieve these same feelings by aiding them in their quest for family knowledge through my genealogy consultant services.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will make a free preliminary check following your completion of the assessment form. This would give me an indication of the availability of records needed to undertake your project. If during the course of a project I find that continued research is not possible, I will inform you immediately and the cost of your project will be amended accordingly. If that should happen, a minimum charge of £25 would be retained from your deposit to cover the cost of the research already undertaken.
This would be dependent on the country in which the records are held and the condition or availability of those records. For example; in the UK, civil records began in 1837 but many parish records still survive back to c1700.
Much will depend on what it is that you would like me to find. I work with historical documents some of which, over the course of time, have been lost, damaged or destroyed. Because of this, no genealogist of integrity can guarantee results.
This very much depends on your chosen package and the starting information you give in the assessment form, but I aim to complete a project in six weeks wherever possible. I would however send you a weekly update on progress.
There is an element of trust here but I would complete a weekly project sheet showing how my time was spent on your project.
I have access to millions of records using the internet and can conduct physical searches in London based repositories. All the information you are given in the finished product would indicate the source material used.
At the end of the project you would receive a full Family History Report, this would, contain a Family Tree or Pedigree Charts (whichever is most applicable to the size of your project) and as full a narrative as possible about each individual. This may include dates, occupation, residences, family members, any certificates and all research sources. You would also receive and an itemised project sheet showing how costs were disbursed over the course of your project and, if you wish, an e mail GEDCOM copy of your file.
GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication and is the standard used for sharing genealogical files. Most genealogy software adopts this standard.
I can have a wall chart of your family tree produced by a third party. This would however be at an additional charge to your project. however; the charge would be at cost price. I would be unable to quote how much this may be until the end of the research as the size of the tree determines the cost.
The package prices are for time spent on research, reporting and presentation. Any other disbursements such as certificates, census copies etc. would be at an additional charge to your project however; the charge would be at cost price. For example; the current cost price for UK Certificates is £9.25. No additional disbursements would be made on your project without an explanation of why these may be necessary or without seeking your prior approval.

Hire Me


Free Assessment

For a free of charge preliminary assessment, to establish the availability of records needed for your project, please e mail me at yesterdaygenealogy@gmail.com or complete the online form. Please note: All fields are required.

Pay As You Go

By far the most popular choice as it allows you to ‘keep a lid’ on costs, this package can be especially helpful for;

• Those wanting a single line or single person research
• Those wanting assistance to break down a ‘brick wall’
• Those wanting to give genealogy a go without signing up to an expensive package

This package is charged at an hourly rate of £12 and requires a minimum deposit of £25.

Family Finder

This package traces your two direct lines, Paternal and Maternal, as far back as accessible records allow.

This package is charged at £150 and requires a minimum deposit of £50.

Ancestor Hunt

This package also traces your two direct lines back as far as accessible records allow, with the benefit of additional information about other family members such as siblings, Aunts, Uncles etc.

This package is charged at £250 and requires a minimum deposit of £80.

Elite Genealogy

This package is best suited to those requiring older, more unusual research. It is ideal for those wanting not just the roots of their tree but the branches, twigs and offshoots!

Due to the bespoke nature of this research, prices would be assessed on individual application.

All Packages

• Come with a full report showing as much detail as possible about your ancestors. The report will also show all source information used.

• Any certificates, document copies or other disbursements would be at additional charge (cost price) to any package but would not be made without your prior approval.

• If, during the course of your project, I find that continued research is not possible, I will inform you immediately and the cost of your project will be amended accordingly. Should that happen, a minimum charge of £25 would be retained from your deposit to cover the cost of the research already undertaken.

Payment can be made by cheque (UK clients only) or PayPal.



Eileen was so enthusiastic and kept in touch about what was happening answering any questions I had. The report she produced was far more detailed and interesting than I expected it to be. Thank You" — Rebecca Wade "Eileen has assisted me with my own family research many times. The exceptional thing about Eileen is her passion for the subject. This, along with her absolute joy in helping others discover their story, makes the experience of reading Eileen work a real delight."

Chris Attwell

Thank You!

"I had my aunts tree done for her 80th birthday. She absolutely loved it as, until then, she knew nothing about her father except his name and profession. She now knows details of her fathers family going back to 1790!!!! Thank you"

John Dash

Thank You!

"I left England more than 25 years ago but recently became curious about my roots when I saw a UK family tree program. I contacted Eileen and went with the 'pay as you go' package within just 3 hours she had found the names of four generations of my family. I am now considering the Ancestor Hunt package."